Other Services

Amblyopia Treatment

Amblyopia is a disorder of subnormal vision in one eye without any obvious structural defect. Mainly happens in children.
At Drishti Eye Centre with a child friendly environment the children are encouraged to undergo therapy including patching at times lasting a few months to years and regain normal vision in the eye


Diabetic Retinopathy Screening and Treatment

All diabetics should undergo dilated fundus examination minimum once a year and more frequently if advised by the doctor.
We at Drishti Eye Centre routinely offer screening for effect of diabetes on Retina called Diabetic retinopathy and offer treatment in form of laser / injections in the eye.


Retinal Angiography

Retinal angiography is done in those patients where we want to assess the leakage from the blood vessels in the retina or blockage of a blood vessel in the retina



Retinal Laser

Retinal lasers are done for variety of reasons mainly for preventing the growth of bad blood vessels like in Daibetic retinopathy or to create a barrier in a weak area of retina to prevent detachment


Eye Ultrasound (A Sacn & Pachymetery)

A scan is linear single dimension ultrasound to measure the axial length of the eye and calculate accurate power of the lens to be implanted by immersion method Pachymetery is ultrasonic measurement of the thickness of cornea. This is of great use in LASIK & Glaucoma workup
At Drishti Eye Centre we have worldclass biometer and pachymeter for accurate measurement of the axial length and thickness of cornea.


Contact Lens

Contact lens, is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye, cornea. They are worn to correct vision, to enhance vision or for cosmetic reasons. At Drishti Eye Centre we offer both vision correcting ( yearly & disposable) and cosmetic contact lenses



Oculoplastic Surgery

At Drishti Eye Centre we offer Ptosis/drooping eyelid correction and also correction of watering eye by expert oculoplastic surgeon.

Computerised Eye Check-up (Auto Refractometer)

At Drishti Eye Centre with offer computerized eye checkup of the glasses by the experts to get accurate number for comfortable wearing of glasses