Glaucoma Treatment & Surgery

Nerve Damaged By Glaucoma

Glaucoma Or Kala Motia Is a disease of the eye in which the nerve of the eye gets damaged due to its inability to withstand the pressure of the watery liquid inside the eye. In majority of the cases the pressure of the eye is higher than normal but in some cases, even normal eye pressure can damage the nerve of the eye. If not treated on time Glaucoma can lead to IRREVERSIBLE BLINDNESS.

Common Types Of Glaucoma

Angle Closure Glaucoma : Happens due to blockage of the drainage system. Here the eye pressure rises sharply and causes, pain, blurring of vision and coloured haloes around light.
Open Angle Glaucoma : Happens due to choking of the drainage system. A silent killer has no
symptomps till near the end stage. Detected only by an Ophthalmologist.
Normal Tension Glaucoma :
Here the nerve is so weak that even normal eye pressure damages it. Hence must be showm to an ophthalmologist.

Who is at risk

  • Person having family history of glaucoma
  • Persons wearing high plus or minus glasses
  • Persons suffering from Diabetes or Hypertension
  • Persons using steroid eye drops for a long time

Diagnosing Glaucoma

The Initial assessment includes Tonometery (Eye pressure measurement), Central Corneal Thickness ( CCT),
Gonioscopy, and Fundus Examination. Additional tests required from time to time are -

OCT : This measures the actual size of the optic disc and gives us objective data about the quantum of
structural damage to the nerve of the eye.

Perimetery : It evaluates the function of the optic nerve and gives the data about the functional damage to the nerve of the eye. It can pick up damage to the optic nerve in the early stages itself.


The treatment is usualy involves putting eye drops on a regular basis and regular follow-ups to assess any increase in the damage to the nerve.
Some cases especially of Angle Closure Glaucoma variety need Laser Procedures.

In advanced cases or in patients not being able to tolerate medicines Surgery is done.
IMPORTANT:- Glaucoma leads to permanent blindness in majority of the cases but regular medication and checkup can easily prevent a person from becoming blind