Cataract Surgeries

Cataract is the opacification/clouding of normal clear lens in the eye.

Why does it happen

Most common cause is aging. Can also happen due to injury to the eye, steroid eye drops or tablets, metabolic diseases like diabetes etc. It may be present at birth also in some children


Main symptom is Blurring of vision, Inability to see in very bright or dull light, frequent change of glasses


  • Surgery is the only treatment for cataract besides change of glasses in the initial period The preferred treatment
    option is Phacoemulsification with foldable IOL
  • Appropriate time for surgery : A common myth is that cataract should be removed only once it matures. On the contrary the cataract should not be allowed to mature as it causes more damage to eye during its removal and can lead to problems in implanting the IOL (Lens).The cataract should be removed as and when it causes visual disability to the person and starts hindering in day today life / found to be hard on routine examination by the ophthalmologist. There is no season for cataract surgery. Since Phaco & MICS are done through very small incision, the healing, recovery and chances of infection are very low and can be done any time of the year.

Types Of Phacoemulsification

  • Normal Phacoemulsification : Keyhole surgery , also called incorrectly as Laser cataract surgery. Done through a 2.8 mm incision with implantation of the foldable IOL without stitches
  • Micro Incision Cataract Surgery : Advanced cataract surgery done through a < 2.0 mm incision for fast healing and minimal distortion of the cornea
  • Laser Phaco / Laser Cataract Surgery : Bladeless Phacoemulsification surgery where all the cuts and
    breaking of cataract is done by laser;. Laser surgery in true sense and a really advanced technique for
    those who desire perfection.
All these surgeries are routinely done without injection anaethesia

Types Of IOLS ( Intra Ocular Lenses)

  • Monofocal IOL : Give good vision for distance
  • Multifocal IOL : Gives good vision for distance as well near reducing dependence on glasses
  • Toric IOL : Correct the cylindrical power of the cornea in addition to distance power or distance & near power.

Recovery After Surgery

It’s a daycare surgery even in insurance patients and reqires only a few hours of admission. The recovery is almost immediate. Vision returns before going home itself. No bandage is needed at home. Final glasses prescription if needed is given 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

Common Myths about Cataract Surgery

  • One need not stay indoors or in darkned room after the surgery.
  • There are no restrictions on the day today life of the person including diet.
  • Cataract doesn’t happen again
  • Second eye can be operated as soon as one is comfortable with the first eye, as early as 2 days.
  • Even both eyes can be done simultaneously in patients who have difficulty in moving around
  • IOL has no expiry. Its life long
  • A person may need glasses despite the IOL depending on the IOL implanted

Choose Drishti Eye Centre For Cataract Surgeries

At Drishti Eye Centre, Gurgaon, we offer all types of cataract surgeries with latest instrumentation and very
experienced doctors.Majority of surgeries are done without any injection anaesthesia and the foldable intraocular
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